What is cold pressed?

A hydraulic press that applies thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the optimal amount of nutrient-dense liquid from fruits, vegetables & nuts. Unlike a conventional juicer that uses cutting blades or high speed. Heat & oxidization are added that compromises the live enzymes and dietary value. Cold-pressed technology DOES NOT produce heat or oxidization, allowing maximum nutritional value

What is the benefit of cold pressed juice?

Raw, unpasteurized, NON-HPP…you get the good stuff! Cold-pressed is the highest nutrient-dense product. You are consuming nutrients that are traditionally destroyed by commercial juicing. High-Pressure Processing (HPP) inactivates bacteria in juice without introducing chemicals. Once packaged, pressure is applied in a water chamber. This pressure is equivalent to 6x the pressure at the bottom of the deepest ocean so no harmful bacteria forms during packaging to extend the shelf life. Research highlights conflicting evidence on whether HPP’d juice has more or less nutrients. It has been confirmed that HPP can disrupt ionic bonds, therefore denatures proteins in fruits & vegetables. The HPP process cannot differentiate between good and bad bacteria. Any method to extend shelf life reduces enzymes that our bodies need. Pressed & Co believes what goes into our juice press is what should come out. There is nothing we produce that we would not consume ourselves and the only way we like to drink our juice is raw & fresh!

I have dietary restrictions; can I drink cold pressed juice?

All of our juices are raw, organic, unpasteurized, NON-GMO, vegan, dairy-free & gluten-free. All products are made in our facility that handles nuts. Some items may contain adaptogen powders. Depending on the supplier they may not be vegan or gluten-free. We recommend double-checking the label before consumption. Pressed & Co is not a medical doctor. We do not practice medicine or give medical advice. We always recommend before any adjustment to your diet or start of a juice fast, you speak to your medical practitioner and seek out professional medical advice from a licensed medical doctor

What is the shelf life of cold pressed juice?

At Pressed & Co we press our juice every single day. We want to make sure you get the freshest product out there! It is very important that our products are kept refrigerated. Remember, Pressed & Co is raw, NON-HPP, so in order to keep from spoiling, it is key to keep refrigerated! Depending on the ingredients used our shelf life is anywhere between four to five days. Juice with a low PH (high acidity) will naturally have a longer shelf life. Products with a higher PH (nut mylk & carrot juice) will typically have a shorter shelf life. Please check and be mindful of the best before date placed on each bottle. Delivered items will be sent out in a cooler bag. Once received, items must be placed immediately in the refrigerato

Should I be consuming fibre?

Fruits & vegetables are full of fibre. Fibre helps carry food through your belly. When ingesting whole fruits &  vegetables it takes your body loads of time & energy to digest and convert the nutritional benefits. Once cold-pressed juice is extracted,fibre comes from the layers of the fruit or vegetable where it is trapped and is absorbed into your body quickly. Giving your digestive system the rest & energy it needs to focus on healing

What is an antioxidant?

Found in herbs, fruits, & vegetables Antioxidants: Compound that protects your bodies cells from oxidation or breaking down. Neutralizing and counteracting Free Radicals
Free Radicals: Unstable compounds that attack cell membranes, causing cells to breakdown, age, and have a predisposition to diseases

How do I get my protein?

Our juices are full of protein, especially our green juice & nut mylk

Added sugar?

NO added sugar! Our juices are sweetened merely with natural sugars found in our organic fruit. Natural sugar is bundled up with a whole bunch of nutrients not found in refined sugar. You are totally sweet enough! Why would we ever need to add to that?

Where do we deliver?
Richmond HillAuroraKing CityVaughanMapleWoodbridgeKleinburgThornhillMarkhamStouffvilleBramptonNobletonBoltonNewmarketEast GwillimburyNorth YorkDon MillsDowntown TorontoEtobicokeLeslieville
Cold pressed juice is too high in sugar?

All of our juices have NO added sugar. The sugar content is 100% natural, extracted from ingredients containing vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants & other nutrients. High sugar content is correct for processed or pasteurized juices with little to no nutritional value. Processed = loaded with lousy sugar

Where do you buy your produce?

At Pressed & Co we support local farms right here in Ontario as much as we can…and yes, we are completely NON-GMO and Organic!

How much produce is used in 1 bottle of juice?

On average, there is approximately 3-4 pounds of produce for every 500ml bottle of cold pressed juice

Where is your production facility?

We produce all our menu items at our Richmond Hill location

Why glass bottles?

We want to keep the environment in mind at all times! Preserving & being kind to our planet we all share, Pressed & Co will do its part. Plus with glass bottles it encourages you to be apart of our bottle return program for Pressed & Co savings…and who doesn’t like savings?

Why cleanse?

 Improve Brain Function
 Boost Immune System
 Increase Stamina
 Detox
 Relax Nervous System
 Get that Glow
 Weight Management
 Muscle Recovery
 Metabolic Boost
 Hormone Balance

Is there anyone who should not participate in a juice fast?

We do not recommend a juice cleanse for young children or teenagers. They are still growing and need solid food. Elderly with a week immune system should also refrain from a juice fast. Pregnant women or woman who are breastfeeding should not consume raw juice. Pressed&Co is a RAW juice bar. With anything that is raw, it may contain harmful bacteria

How do I prepare for a juice cleanse?

Head over to our cleanse page. It has all the Pre & Post fasting information you will need!

Should I exercise on a juice cleanse?

At Pressed & Co we are all about you maintaining and enriching your lifestyle. So if it is already apart of your daily routine, go for it! We suggest to be kind to your body and slowly work your way into movement as you may experience fatigue or be light headed as a sign of detoxification. Give your body the rest it needs and so much deserves