Glossary Terms


 A class of plants that build resistance and help the body cope with stress; by balancing the function
of glands and immune responses. Strengthen the immune, nervous & glandular system


Balance your body & PH level by restoring the blood & internal organs


 Control & reduce inflammation, swelling, pain in organs, joints & tissues for overall
harmony & durability.


 Compound that protects the body cells from oxidation or breaking down = Neutralizes free


 Stimulate libido & awaken the body’s most sensual inclinations “Love Drug”

Beauty Stimulant

 Promote cellular restoration & longevity for glowing skin, eyes & hair

Brain Activator

 Fatty acids & nutrients that fuel the brain to enhance clarity, focus &memory


 Cleanse the gut, organs, blood & lymphatic system from toxic accumulation


Promote intestinal health


Substance that increases the flow of urine

Energy Promoter

Supercharge of sustainable nutrients for mental & physical vitality

Essential Fatty Acids

 Omega-3, Omega-6 & Gamma Linolenic Acids. Necessary to maintain normal body
function; Increased intake of fatty acids increases immunity & reduces heart disease, as well as high blood

Fight Free Radical

 An unstable compound that attacks cell membranes, causing cell breakdown, aging &
predisposition to diseases

Heart Health

Reduce the risk of heart disease and improve cardiovascular health. Lower cholesterol; promote
purification of blood & balance blood sugar levels

Hormone Balancer

 Help support glands that produce & regulate hormones. The release of toxins to balance
mood & weight management

Immune Support

 Stimulate & support the body’s germ and virus-fighting properties

Metabolic Booster

 The process your body takes to converts food into energy that will increase metabolic rate
for weight management & muscle retention


A effective way to get minerals absorbed into the body from plant sources to strengthen bones,
nourish skin & fuel your brain

Mood Enrichment

 Elevate mood & promote feel-good vibrations, mind, body & spirit

Muscle Recovery

 Reduce pain & swelling. Stimulate joint muscle repair

Plant Protein

Dietary building block of body tissues. Necessary for healthy growth of repairing cells &
protection against infection

Stress Alleviation

Soothes the nervous system & restore your body back to a natural state of well-being


 Infusion of herbs that strengthen & support the body’s system to maintain overall health. They act as a
stimulant to restore body tissue, purify the blood, improve circulation & promote digestion