Cleanse - Stage 1 - One Day Regiment


This program is designed to help jump-start the cleansing & healing process. Allow yourself two satisfying smoothies to enjoy throughout the day. Smoothing will promote the feeling of fullness as you ease your way into a juice fast. The program is numbered as follows and should be consumed in that order every two to three hours. 

Begin your day with Pressed&Co's Blue Majik Lemonade. Drink plenty of water and non-caffeinated herbal tea for your body weight during your fast. We recommend winding down with a 1/2 cup Epson Salt bath to help eliminate toxins & soothe for a good night's rest. This program is excellent for beginners and for those looking to cleanse while maintaining a routine & busy lifestyle. It is a great way to prepare for Stage 2 or Stage 3!


One Day Regiment 

1. Blue Majik Lemonade

2. Upbeet

3. Almond Butter Smoothie Grab&Go

4. Greens 02 

5. Almond Mylk

6. Kali Love Smoothie Grab&Go

7. Greens 04

8. Tea


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